Holding an online conference on foreign non-governmental organisation’s affairs
Đăng ngày 06-05-2022 03:00

On the afternoon of March 23, the Committee for Foreign Non-Governmental Organization Affairs (COMINGO) held an online conference on foreign non-govermental work with bridge points in 63 provinces and cities. Mr. To Anh Dung, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Chairman of COMINGO, chaired the conference. Also in attendance were members of COMINGO and representatives of Ministries, Departments, corporations and the People's Comittees at the provincial level. At the bridge point in Da Nang, Vice Chairman of the Da Nang People's Committee Ngo Thi Kim Yen chaired the conference with participation of representatives of the relevant City’s departments.

According to the report at the conference, foreign NGO work continued to be affected by the situation in the world and the country, especially the strong impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, foreign non-governmental aid to Viet Nam reached more than 232.9 million USD with 2,618 programmes, in which European NGOs accounted for 40%, North American 38%, and Asian accounted for 22%, focusing on health, education and training, social issues, and socio- economic development. At the same time, foreign NGOs continued to support Viet Nam in the prevention and control of the COVID-19 epidemic with 123 programmes valued at 10.6 million USD.

At the conference, representatives of ministries, departments and local governments exchanged ideas, discussed foreign non-governmental work in 2021, and made a number of specific proposals and recommendations for this work in 2022. Among them are completion of the legal environment to facilitate foreign non-governmental work, strengthening advocacy support, information sharing, partner introduction, and training of human resources to carry out foreign non-governmental work, especially in localities.

COMINGO highly appreciated the efforts of ministries, departments and local governments in foreign NGO work in 2021, given the obstacles and limitations that they are facing, and mentioned some main activities in foreign non-governmental work in 2022, such as conducting a national program to strengthen cooperation and mobilize foreign non-governmental aid, and organizing a donor conference in June or July.

Viet Thu