Instructions for using mobile applications to declare and receive online quarantine results at home/accommodation
Đăng ngày 04-05-2022 01:48

On April 6, 2022, the Department of Information and Communication issued a document instructing citizens and tourists infected with COVID-19 to declare, register, and receive results online during their quarantine and treatment at home/accommodation as follows:

Step 1: Download the DANANG Smart City mobile app and make a medical declaration in the section “Hỗ trợ cách ly, điều trị” (Support for quarantine and treatment) à “Khai báo cách ly tại nhà” (Declare quarantine at home):

- Choose how to quarantine.

- If there is a quarantine decision, enter the start and end dates as stated in the decision; if there is no decision, enter the date of the positive test.

- F0 employees, who are citizens of Da Nang and have Social Insurance, can apply for a Certificate of leave under the Social Insurance by selecting the box “Đăng ký GIẤY CHỨNG NHẬN NGHỈ VIỆC HƯỞNG BHXH” (Apply for Certificate of leave under the Social Insurance) à Click “Đồng ý” (Agree) to confirm the application and complete the application form with relevant information.

- F0 under 7 years old click on the section “Người nhiễm COVID-19 là trẻ em” (Pediatric patients with COVID-19)

- F0 continues to declare health information, take pictures for identification, and share location for monitoring in the next sections.

- After completing the medical declaration, F0 will receive an SMS or Zalo message from the Da Nang Management System of F1 and F0 quarantine at home.

Step 2: Receive decision of quarantine at home online.

After the medical declaration is received, F0 will receive an SMS instructing to receive the online decision of quarantine.

Step 3: Make a daily medical declaration at the “Thông tin sức khỏe” (Health Information) section, the others are automatically filled with the available data. F0 must adhere to the commitment of COVID-19 prevention and control at home, contact hotlines of the nearest medical clinic for help when experiencing severe symptoms.

Step 4: Declare quarantine completion

a) In case citizens make self-declaration upon recovery through mobile applications

+ The quarantined person declares on the DANANG Smart City application by selecting the section “Xác nhận đã hoàn thành cách ly” (Confirm quarantine completion), takes and sends a photo of the negative rapid test result to the system, declares the relevant information to confirm the completion of home quarantine.

+ After the declaration is completed, the city's quarantine management system will process information and send SMS messages after medical staff confirms the quarantine completion.

+ The quarantined individual receives a certificate of quarantine completion in person at the health clinic, or clicks on the link attached in the SMS message to get the certificate.

 b) In case medical staff check with the quarantined individuals

- After 7 days of quarantine at home, F0 will receive a call from medical staff requesting to get to the health clinic in person for health check, or the city's Management System of F1 and F0 home quarantine will send an SMS message requesting F0 (just recovered) to get to the medical clinic for a health check. The message also includes a link for F0 to take a photo of negative rapid test results and send it to the system (in case the F0 does not go to the medical clinic).

- After the health check in person or receiving the negative rapid test results online, the system will send a message to confirm the quarantine completion. In case still being positive, F0 continues to be in quarantine for 03 more days for adults, and 07 more days for children.

- F0 receives the Certificate of quarantine completion and the Certificate of leave under the Social Insurance at the health clinic if applied.

 * Digital document reference

F0 can look up further information using the link below:

F0 fills in full name, phone number and verification. F0 can download administrative documents: Certificate of quarantine completion with QR-code; Decision of quarantine with QR-code, etc.

Cao Ky