Da Nang – Salo and friends
Đăng ngày 17-04-2020 08:13

This is the subject of an online exchange event between the authorities, universities and businesses of Da Nang and Salo, Finland, taking place at 12h00, April 16, 2020, coordinated and held by the Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs.

The event welcomed more than 90 participants. Mr. Le Trung Chinh, Vice Chairman of the Da Nang People's Committee, presided over the meeting on the Da Nang side, with the attendance of the leaders of many departments, leaders of the University of Da Nang, representatives of business associations, business incubators and startup clubs in Da Nang. On the Salo side, Mayor Lauri Inna and representatives of many Finnish companies and Turku University of Applied Sciences attended.

Vice-Chairman Lê Trung Chinh and Mayor Lauri Inna at the online exchange event

At the event, universities, businesses and business associations of the two cities had the opportunity to introduce themselves and the potentials and opportunities for cooperation in the fields of education and training, information technology, start-up and innovation, expressing the desire to work closely together and develop substantially and effectively in the future. After the official program, businesses of both sides took the initiative in contacting and arranging one-on-one online meetings to discuss specific cooperation.

Salo has established friendly and cooperative relations with Da Nang since 2011. Many cooperation activities have been carried out since then, typically the cooperation between the Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade and the Salo Trade Promotion Company (Yrityssalo) on facilitating the partnerships between Da Nang and Salo businesses, supporting import and export networks, organizing courses on setting up a standard system to support innovation in the framework of the project "Salo - Da Nang partnership model to promote innovation in enterprises".

In the context of the COVID-19 global spread, the organization of such an online exchange event to further promote the partnership between the two cities in terms of government, university and business has an important meaning, demonstrating the spirit of solidarity, friendship and cooperation of the two cities, proactively adapting and overcoming difficulties, as stated by Vice Chairman Le Trung Chinh: “Living and working in an ever changing world requires individuals, businesses and local governments to constantly innovate, and Finnish partners are living examples of that reality. Da Nang wishes to learn from Salo about innovation in all areas and build sustainable cooperation on the basis of promoting the achievements of the Fourth Industrial Revolution."

For those directly involved in the preparation and organization of this exchange event - officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Department of Information and Communications - this is an opportunity to learn and get acquainted with a new organization method, which is much different from online conferences that have been held before. Overcoming technical confusions and difficulties, the event has created valuable cooperation opportunities for businesses of the two sides, contributing to strengthening and deepening the Da Nang – Salo friendship and partnership.

Hoai Ha