Notice by the Italian Consult General in Ho Chi Minh City
Đăng ngày 15-03-2020 15:04

Urgent actions to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak in Italy

1. Any movement of persons entering or leaving Italy as well as within the national territory shall be avoided. Movements motivated by well-grounded work-related reasons, situations of need or health reasons are exempted based on self-declaration. It is permitted to return to one’s own place of residence; 

2. The holdings of events, shows and any form of gathering of people in public places or spaces open to the public is suspended. Schools, universities and museum are closed. 

Those decrees apply also to foreign citizens, particularly: 
• Foreign citizens (including tourists) can leave the Italian territory to return to their home countries;
• Foreign citizen residing in Italy and currently abroad can enter the national territory to return to their place of residence; 
• Foreigners can enter and leave the Italian national territory or move within it for well-grounded work-related reasons, situations of need or health reasons. Entering Italy for tourism shall be avoided. 

The adopted measures are severe and imply major personal limitations, nevertheless, they are deemed as necessary for the protection of public health.

The Italian government, however, is committed to maintain economic system functioning: people move for work-related reasons and goods will continue to enter, exit or move within its national territory. Italy’s trade partners can be assured that the production and supply or goods and services will face no interruption. 

Source: Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City.