On the morning of 29th September, the East Meets West Foundation (EMWF)  held a conference to review the “Building Healthy Cities” project in Da Nang. Attending the conference were Ms. Nguyen Thuy Anh, Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, representatives of the Department of Information and Communications, the Food Safety Management Authority, and related partners of the City. Sponsors such as Ms. Lynn Foden, Chief Executive Officer of East Mest West Foundation, Ms. Amanda Pomeroy-Stevens, Project Director of Building Healthy Cities (BHC), JSI Research and Training Institute, and officers of the EMWF in Viet Nam also participated in the conference.

From 30th September to 2nd October 2015, in the framework of the “Skills to Succeed” project, the Da Nang City Youth Union (DYU), in coordination with the Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs (DOFA) and Save the Children (SCI) organised a training workshop "Training for youth leaders on integrating employability skills into activities with youths" for officials working with youths in Da Nang.

With the situation of many disadvantaged children in Da Nang, in 2016, Holt International Children's Services (HOLT), form the U.S.A. continues to fund the “Caring of children in difficult circumstances in Da Nang” project with a total budget of over 400 million VND. The project aims to prevent the risk of losing homes for high-risk children; to improve the quality of life and nutrition; to enhance access to opportunities for education for children; to create conditions to bring children who have lost their homes to come back their family and community through the implementation of "long-term family planning".