Ready for welcoming first graders back to in-person instruction
Đăng ngày 06-12-2021 02:07

On December 6, 1st graders across Da Nang will be back to campus for in-person instruction after they have been in fully remote learning because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Primary schools citywide are now preparing for the best conditions to ensure their students’ safe return as well as encouraging parents to send their children back to school.

Primary schools across Da Nang are racing against time to make preparation plans for welcoming back grade 1 students from December 6. IN THE PHOTO: First graders of the Hoa Bac Primary School have been back to school for more than a month. Photo: NGOC HA

Parents remain worried about return to face-to-face classes

Recently, many parents have expressed their agreement with the city’s decision on the resumption of face-to-face teaching for Year 1 students, but some have been still nervous about sending their kids back to the classroom amid surging coronavirus cases.

Mrs. Hong Van, whose child is in grade 1 at the Le Lai Primary School based in Hai Chau District, stressed the necessity for first graders to return to campus for in-person instruction because it was hard for them to concentrate whilst studying at home as well as too much screen time can lead to vision-related problems in children.

“But to be honest, I am also worried about my child’s safety in the midst of the pandemic. I hope that both schools and teaching staff will pay close attention to students. As parents, we will coordinate with the school to ensure the safety of our children” said Mrs. Van.

Meanwhile, Mrs Quynh Nga, whose child is studying at the Phan Thanh Primary School in Hai Chau District, believed that the school and teachers would do a good job in COVID-19 prevention and control work.

However, first graders are too young and are not aware of their own protection, moreover, wearing masks often makes them uncomfortable. In addition, primary schools will not offer day-boarding for year 1 students on their first week of school, making it inconvenient for parents to pick up and drop off their children.

“In recent days, teachers have given spiritual encouragement to parents a lot because many parents do not want their children to go to school amid a surge in daily COVID-19 infections in the city. The functional agencies should collect parents’ opinions about whether they want to send their kids back to in-person classes or not" said Mrs. Nga.

Efforts to ensure students’ safety return

As noted, all most of schools citywide have made COVID-19 prevention and control plans.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bac, Headmistress of the Be Van Dan Primary School in Thanh Khe District, said that her school has put in place strictest health and safe protocols during all its activities in line with the current direction from national and municipal governments in a bid to maintain the environment that are as safe as possible for its teachers and students.

Specifically, homeroom teachers will be responsible for keeping a close eye on students’ health situations and cleaning classrooms every day, as well as reminding parents to measure their children's temperature and to prepare drinking water and face masks for them before going to school.  

Temperature measuring devices, face masks, hand sanitizers, and areas to wash hands are available to students.

Also, the school has developed specific plans when there are suspected cases of F0, F1 and F2.

“The school is now ready to welcome first graders back to campus for in-person instruction. The homeroom teachers also encourage parents to feel secure about sending their children back to school” said Mrs. Bac.

Similarly, according to Headmaster of the Phan Phu Tien Primary School Nguyen Hy, in recent days, the school has held meetings to assign specific tasks for homeroom teachers in preparation for returning to in-person learning for Year 1 students.

As planned, Phan Phu Tien Primary School will not offer day-boarding for first graders on their first week of school. Also, mandatory masks and social distancing will be put in place in the school.

Following recent instructions from the Da Nang Department of Education and Training, students in 1, 8 and 9 will return for face-to-face learning from December 6 with proper precautions in place to keep them safe and healthy throughout the school year.

However, primary schools will not offer day-boarding for Year 1 students on their first week of school in order to allow them to become acquainted with their classmates and their new school.