Steering Committee Meeting for the Project "Science Education for Sustainable Development in Da Nang"
Đăng ngày 28-12-2021 02:37

On the afternoon of December 17th, the steering committee meeting for the Project "Science Education for Sustainable Development in Da Nang" achieved positive results with cooperation between Da Nang and Boras, Sweden.

Participating in the meeting from the Boras side were Mr. Ulrik Nilsson, Vice Chairman of the City Council and representatives from Navet Science Center. From Da Nang were Mr. Huynh Duc Truong, Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Head of the Project Steering Committee and representatives of relevant departments.

Meeting members

The meeting focused on evaluating 2021’s activities and planning for 2022. Both sides were delighted and highly appreciated the efforts of the Da Nang Project Group and Navet Science Center in finding solutions to organize online workshops for teachers and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. In particular, the second student workshop provided new experiences from an online tour of Navet Science Center and attracted enthusiastic participation and lively discussion, contributing to raising the awareness of Da Nang’s youth towards sustainable development.

Evaluating 2021’s activities

The meeting also focused on key activities for 2022 with the goal of further discussing the possibility of building a community science center like Navet in Da Nang and continuing workshops for educators and students with higher levels of interaction through visual and animated experiments and models. Navet Science Center also assisted in compiling a handbook for the management and operation of a community science center with experiences from Boras and 20 other Swedish cities that will be handed over to Da Nang in 2022.

Planning for 2022

With the discussion results, the Steering Committee and the Project Group believed that 2022 would have special activities that meaningfully contribute to Da Nang with the goal of "Building Da Nang – an environmental city” up to 2030.

Closing the meeting

Huyen Ngan