Guidelines on using vaccination information integrated with a health declaration QR Code for those entering crowded or high-risk areas (According to Note 2815/STTTT-CNTT dated September 25, 2021 by the Da Nang Department of Information and Communications)
Đăng ngày 30-09-2021 03:46

1. For individuals

a) To make a health declaration and receive a QR Code

Step 1: Choose one of the following three options:

- Download the “DaNang Smart City” app;

- Use Zalo’s “Tổng đài 1022 Đà Nẵng” (choose “Khai báo y tế”/“)

- or Go to:  

Step 2: Make a health declaration using a smart phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection. If you don’t have a device with an internet connection, you can ask another person to help you declare by choosing “khai hộ”/“declare for other people” and have them send you a photo/printed copy of the QR Code.

- Remember to declare the exact information that you used for your vaccination (Name, ID number, phone number).

- After finishing the declaration, you will receive a QR Code with your name, number of vaccination doses, and identification colour. Save this QR Code.

Step 3: Present your QR Code at checkpoints/destinations as requested

- Green Card means you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from COVID-19 within 6 months;

- Yellow Cardmeans you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 with one dose (for at least 14 days)

White Card means you are not vaccinated against COVID-19 yet or received one dose less than 14 days ago.

Those in medical isolation areas (red zones) will receive a notification after completing a health declaration.

Residents are required to make a health declaration whenever they go out and present their QR Code as requested. QR Codes are valid for 24 hours and need to be completed before leaving home and going to any public place.

b) To search for vaccination information

Option 1 - “DaNang Smart City” app: Choose “Covid-19”, then choose “Tra cứu tiêm chủng”/“Search for vaccination information”, then fill in the ID number used for vaccination and select “Tra cứu”/“Search”

Option 2 - Zalo “Tổng đài 1022 Đà Nẵng”: Choose “K.báo Covid”/“Covid Declaration”, then choose “K.quả tiêm vắc xin”/ “Vaccination information”. Send the ID number used for vaccination registration.

c) If your declared information is incorrect or insufficient causing your vaccination information to not show up, you can request an adjustment as follows:

- Go to and choose “Xác nhận thông tin đã tiêm vắc xin”/“Confirm vaccination information” to update your information

- or Go to to update your information.

2. For owners of establishments and facilities

a) To check residents’ QR Codes (which applies to 100% of people entering establishments/facilities), use one of the following to scan QR Codes:

- The “eTicket Da Nang” app (which requires users to create an account and use the Checkin/Checkout function).

- A smart phone/tablet attached to a stand for people to scan by themselves and avoid close contact with staff.

- QR code scanning equipment connected to a computer/smart phone and using

- A webcam connected to a computer/laptop  using specialized software.

- An IP camera connected to a computer/laptop/tablet (Android) for QR code scanning and remote monitoring using a specialized app/software.

- A facial recognition camera (for businesses and organizations which have a large number of employees and need to manage the flow quickly)

In cases using one of the last three options, businesses and organizations can contact Mr. Nguyen Van Quoc - Director of Public Services and Information Centre at 0903257085 for further instruction.

b) Organizations and businesses shall provide notifications/warnings when scanning QR Codes (either on the screen of the scanning equipment or with a tone) for:

- Valid QR Codes;

- Invalid QR Codes (no declaration made yet);

- Those who have made a health declaration but receive a warning because of suspected symptoms such as fever or cough, coming from a COVID-19 infected area, or having close contact with suspected COVID-19 infections.