Da Nang to suspend all activities from 8:00AM August 16 to 8:00AM August 23 for COVID-19 prevention and control
Đăng ngày 16-08-2021 09:27

On August 14, 2021, Chairman of the Da Nang People’s Committee signed Decision No. 2788/QD-UBND dated August 14, 2021 on supplementation and adjustment of several urgent measures for COVID-19 prevention and control at Directive 05/CT-UBND dated July 30, 2021.

Accordingly, from 8:00AM August 16, 2021 to 8:00AM August 23, 2021, all activities in Da Nang are suspended, except for those specified at Article 2 of the Decision. People must not leave their home and place of residence, and each household is absolutely isolated from one another. Residents are requested to not leave or enter the City, except for those specified at Section 1, Article 2 of this Decision.

Article 2 of the Decision specifies people and activities allowed to operate, including:

1. People carrying out the following activities are allowed to go out:

a) COVID-19 prevention and control duties

b) Urban environmental sanitation; urban tree care; handling of electricity, water supply, information and telecommunications issues.

c) Transportation and supply of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and chemicals for medical facilities; transportation and distribution of foods, foodstuffs and necessities to residents; transportation and delivery of import-export goods from the port to the delivery location and vice versa; official transportation; state postal service.

d) Medical emergencies; periodical medical examination and treatment at public and private medical facilities; SARS-CoV-2 testing; COVID-19 vaccination; being transferred to quarantine facilities, completing concentrated quarantine; hospital discharge; going to international airports for international flights if already having flight tickets.

dd) Media reporting (excluding magazine forms): maximum of 6 people/ broadcasting station; maximum of 2 people/newspaper or e-newspaper.

e) Funerals which must ensure the measures regulated at section 7, Directive 05/CT-UBND.

2. For staff working on-site at companies, facilities, offices, the “3 on-site principle” (working – dining – resting on-site) are required of, and the companies, facilities, offices are also isolation areas which must follow the 5K principles:

a) Government offices must not exceed 10% on-site working staff.

b) Commercial centers, supermarkets, mini-marts, goods distribution companies.

c) Pharmacies, health facilities (public and private), quarantine facilities.

d) Suppliers of gas, fuel, power, water; banks; post offices; international airport, seaport, train station, road management stations; industrial catering facilities.

e) Companies and facilities within the industrial parks and High-tech park (maximum on-site working staff of 30% capacity).

3. Forces and groups approved to participate in emergency and crucial activities approved by Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee or Chairman of districts’ People’s Committees.

4. Agencies, facilities, offices suspending operation during this period shall be responsible for the safety, security, fire protection at their properties. In case staff must be assigned on-site, the “3 on-site principle” must be complied with.

(Translated by Thuy Linh)

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