Air passengers only required to fill in health declaration form on PC-COVID-19 app
Đăng ngày 02-11-2021 01:27

Following latest Ministry of Transport decision, all passengers will be only required to complete a health declaration form on the national unified COVID-19 prevention and control app PC-COVID-19 before their flights.

The new regulation came into effect from 00:00 am today, October 29.

The PC-COVID-19 app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and it provides a COVID-19 card which serves as a travel and social pass for fully COVID-19 vaccinated or recovered individuals.

The app combines the functionalities of existing COVID-19-related apps in the country, such as the Vietnam Health Declaration app, Bluetooth-powered COVID-19 contact tracing and alert app Bluezone and NCOVI, a mobile app where users can update their health status.

Passengers are checking in at the Tan Son Nhat Airport for their flights operated by Vietnam Airlines (Photo: CTV/Vietnam+)


The passengers are only required to fill in a health declaration form on the PC-COVID-19 app and practise preventive measures in line with the latest decision issued by the Ministry of Transport which made some changes to temporary regulations for resuming regular domestic flights with flexible approaches for effective control of COVID-19.

The move came following agreement between the Ministry of Transport, and the Ministry of Information and Communications which will allow passengers to fill out self-declaration form for domestic air travellers on the PC-COVID-19 app before travel. This new function is inserted in this app.

The use of the national unified COVID-19 prevention and control app will make information available to relevant agencies in order to support COVID-19 prevention and control activities in localities as well as save time for passengers travelling by air or rail across Viet Nam.

Starting from 0am on October 25, air and rail passengers are no longer be required to make commitment to follow the recommended health requirements for controlling COVID-19 in public transport services and at their destinations.

However, precautionary measures will remain as mandatory legal requirements for air and rail passengers in Viet Nam to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Transport is making every effort to make adjustments to its current regulations to simplify declaration procedures for the sake of convenience.