Economic Diplomacy Contributes Significantly to the Development of Da Nang City in the Period 2016-2020
Đăng ngày 16-03-2021 00:58

On March 12, 2021, the People's Committee of Da Nang hosted the Conference on Reviewing the Economic Diplomacy in the 2016-2020 period. The conference was attended by leaders of the People's Committee of Da Nang City, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a number of foreign diplomatic missions in Vietnam, representatives of local industries, associations, domestic and foreign businesses.

The Master Program "Da Nang City's Economic Diplomacy in the 2016-2020 period" was issued by the Da Nang People's Committee on December 25, 2015 to concretize the undertakings, orientations and objectives of the Resolution of the 21th City Party’s Congress that were set out for the city's economic development in general and foreign affairs and international economic integration in particular.

At the conference, Standing Vice Chairman of People's Committee – Mr. Ho Ky Minh affirmed that, despite complex developments in international politics, economy and the challenges triggered by COVID-19 in 2020, economic diplomacy the 2016-2020 period has been implemented synchronously, comprehensively, creatively and flexibly, adapting to the actual situation, ensuring efficiency, achieving many outstanding results in external economic enhancement, international integration, connecting Da Nang with potential partners, attracting investment, promoting tourism, etc.

Da Nang has established friendly and cooperative relations with 45 localities of 20 countries and territories. Many agreements have been signed and implemented with international financial institutions, business associations, foreign corporations to support city construction and development, as well as connecting investment, trade and tourism. Many cooperation programs have brought practical benefits in areas such as urban planning, environment, and sustainable development (through cooperation with local and foreign organizations such as Yokohama, Daegu, Boras, World Bank, JICA, ADB, KOICA, USAID, etc.); entrepreneurship and innovation (with UNDP, Embassy of Israel, Finland, Switzerland, Microsoft Corporation, etc.); investment attraction (Mikazuki Group, UAC, etc.); rural development (with Gyeongsangbuk province, Saemaul Globalization Foundation - Korea); people-to-people exchange (with Changwon - Korea, Mitsuke - Japan, and many localities of Laos). Da Nang has also joined many international networks, enhancing the city's image and prestige such as CityNet, Asia Pacific City Summit, ASEAN Smart City Network, World Cities Summit, Mayors For Peace, 100 Resilient Cities, etc.

During the period, Da Nang successfully attracted 530 new FDI projects with a total registered capital of 1,045.4 million USD; 06 projects using ODA capital with about 5,933.7 billion VND; 351 programs, projects of foreign non-governmental aidư with a total committed funding of more than 597.9 billion. Export turnover is estimated at 7,622 million USD, an average increase of 5.7% / year, import is estimated at 6,522.7 million USD, an average increase of 1.7% / year; Da Nang enterprises have exported to about 120 countries and territories. The number of international tourists to Da Nang grew very positively, reaching 29.15%/year, 37 international flights to Da Nang were established and operated regularly.

In recent years, Da Nang has hosted many prestigious international economic, tourism, sports, and cultural events, bringing the image of the city closer to friends from all over the world, such as: the APEC Summit 2017, the 6th General Meeting of the Global Environment Fund (GEF), 37th Asia-Europe Fund Governance Council (ASEF), ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting 2020, Clipper Round the World Yatch Race 2016, 5th ABG Asian Beach Games, APGS 2017 Asia Pacific Golf Conference, etc.

It can be seen that the achievements of economic diplomacy are thanks to the attention and direction of the Party and State leaders, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the close coordination of the ministries, branches, local agencies, communities, businesses. The implementation of Da Nang’s Master Program has brought positive results on external economic relations as well as concretizing international economic integration activities, deepening the economic implications in the cooperation between Da Danang and foreign localities, expanding partnerships with foreign organizations, economic groups, and major financial institutions in the region and in the world. Da Nang has gradually built up the image of a dynamic city and reliable investment destination of foreign investors, a favorite tourist destination of domestic and foreign tourists, a city for international events with great regional and international impacts.

Economic diplomacy has well performed its role of supporting and implementing external economic activities, maximizing local strengths in terms of geography, natural resources, infrastructure, human resources and comparative advantages in attracting investment. Economic diplomacy has been harmoniously combined with political diplomacy and cultural diplomacy, making effective contribution to the socio-economic development and international cooperation of Da Nang, in accordance with the process of industrialization, modernization, global integration of the whole country.

Assessing the situation in the coming period, representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that the international and regional context shall continue to change rapidly with complexity and unpredictability, with some unprecedented events such as the implications of COVID-19, shifting in investment, production, supply chains. Meanwhile, Viet Nam is entering a new stage of development and a new period of international integration. Thus challenges will come with new opportunities, requiring strong innovation in economic diplomacy.

In the period of 2021-2025, economic diplomacy in Da Nang will closely follow the new situation, thoroughly grasping important guidelines and policies of the XIII National Party’s Congress and the 21th City Party’s Congress in its long-term plans, directions, practically serving the socio-economic development strategy of Da Nang until 2030 and the socio-economic development plan of 2021-2025. In which, the major orientations are: (1) To promote research and forecasting about world politics, new trends on global economic mobility to serve the city planning and policy-making; (2) To utilize the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ministries, agencies, available resources and advantages, multilateral foreign relations to promote integration, economic exchange and international trade in accordance with local development orientations and objectives, local demands, effectively utilize the new generation FTAs ​​such as EVFTA, CPTPP; (3) To renovate economic diplomacy, improve the efficiency of promotion activities of investment, trade and tourism suitable to the new situations; (4) To improve the qualifications and capacity of international integration for local agencies, communities, and businesses, and at the same time build relationships and cooperate with overseas Vietnamese communities, foreign experts, businesses to contribute to Da Nang’s socio-economic development.

Cam Tu