Students of Kibi University (Japan) Successfully Completed their Internship in Da Nang

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In the morning of 23rd March 2017, Mr. Lam Quang Minh, Director of the Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs had a meeting with representatives of Kibi University (Japan) to evaluate the internship results of two Kibi University students at the Department of Foreign Affairs.



At the meeting, they presented two ideas which were developed during their internship: (1) The powerpoint introducing Da Nang City and the reason why investors should choose Da Nang as the next destination, and (2) the project to establish a cooperative relationship between Da Nang and Okayama – their hometown.


The Japanese students said Da Nang is the safest and most friendly city, featuring the "Five No's", "Three Yes's", "Four Safeties". According to them, Da Nang is strategically located with the North-South railway running through and the East Gate of the East-West Economic Corridor. Da Nang is also famous for the most modern education system in the Central Region of Viet Nam, software parks, and real estate markets with a favourable investment environment.


About the cooperation project between Da Nang and Okayama, according to Kibi University students, the investment, education, and health sectors have great potential for exploitation. According to a survey of 272 Okayama enterprises, 120 of them selected Viet Nam as a destination for investment (accounting for 45%). In terms of education, there is a large number of Vietnamese students studying at universities in Okayama. Therefore, the two cities can enhance the exchange of students and receive trainees. In terms of health, Okayama has 54 hospitals, 697 polyclinics and 446 dental clinics along with rescue helicopters. This is a unique strength of Okayama, so the two sides can exchange technology as well as cooperate in training high quality human resources in the medical field.


At the end of the meeting, the representatives of Kibi University sincerely thanked the leaders and officials of the Department of Foreign Affairs for facilitating the students to complete their internship. In reply to the representative of Kibi University, Director of the Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lam Quang Minh, expressed his satisfaction with the results of the student internship. In particular, he hoped that after returning home, they would be the bridge for the cooperation between Da Nang and Okayama in particular, as well as Da Nang and Japan in general.


Hanh Nguyen

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