Da Nang welcomes the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week in a ready, confident, and reliable manner

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Now, we have almost gone through the entire year of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Viet Nam 2017, and are coming very close to the moment the whole world will be focusing their attention to Da Nang, Viet Nam, where the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week (AELW) will take place in less than 30 days.


Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chair of APEC National Committee hosted AELW review activities at Da Nang International Airport


Since early 2015, hectic preparations for APEC Viet Nam and the AELW in Da Nang have been made through the effective coordination among the Ministries of central government and local agencies and under the constant supervision of Vietnamese leaders, the APEC National Committee, and Da Nang authorities. During the past two years, the countdown to the momentous event of November 2017 has been marked by hitting the deadlines of finishing buildings and structures for AELW, and refurbishing facilities to serve the leaders and delegates from APEC member economies.


Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh, Chair of APEC National Committee said that the criteria for the recognised success of an APEC host economy are the well-prepared agenda and programmes, and adequate facilities and logistics. There was a time when Da Nang had become an enormous construction site with buildings, convention centres, airport, and routes, etc. simultaneously renovated, refurbished, and upgraded. During that period of time, the Da Nang worksite received several surveys from the National Committee and Sub-Committees, as well as monthly inspections by the city leaders, which gave lots of encouragement, suggestions and instructions, and witnessed the different passions of the leaders from worries when the construction was still undergoing to excitement when the city could now feel confident with the facilities ready to welcome the AELW. The Da Nang International Airport has been put into operation with the newly built international terminal and VIP lounge. The parking area can now provide 70-75 parking slots, aircrafts, ensuring the welcoming of all member economies upon their arrival in the city. We are so proud of a state-of-the-art International Media Centre, to welcome more than 3,000 reporters home and abroad, which has been greatly appreciated by several member economies during their recent pre-advance visits to Da Nang. Venues such as Intercontinental Sun Peninsula Resort, Furama Resort, Sheraton, Vinpearl, Pullman, Ariyana Da Nang Exhibition and Convention Centre, Tien Son Sports Arena, and Da Nang Convention Centre – transformed from the Administrative Centre have completed their upgrading and renovations, and are rapidly finalising the interior and decorations to host the most significant events and meetings of APEC Viet Nam 2017 in Da Nang. Nearly 800 local volunteers and liaison officers, who have been recruited and trained well, are ready for their mission of connecting officials, delegates, and reporters from APEC member economies to the culture, country and people of Viet Nam and Da Nang.


On the basis of fruitful results from Senior Officials Meetings and Ministerial meetings organised throughout the year, and the strong consensus among APEC members about the proposals and documents initiated by Viet Nam, the AELW is expected to achieve our targets and priorities for APEC 2017, creating new dynamism for a remarkable transformation of the Asia-Pacific and fostering a shared prosperous, peaceful and stable future for the people of APEC member economies and the world as a whole. In this context, with the foundation of socio-economic achievements obtained for the past years, it is vital that Da Nang keeps renewing its thinking and speeds up its process of international integration to timely seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for awaking all of its potential, giving a boost to and breakthrough for the development of the Central Region.


The attention will be focused on Da Nang during the AELW. Leaders of international corporations and CEOs of the largest companies will come to Da Nang. The city's image will be broadcast over the continents. All of those benefits and opportunities are also huge challenges for the city. As thus, from now on Da Nang must identify and head forward with its action plans to make its tremendous efforts to prepare for the AELW worth it, and to satisfy the expectations of the Party, the Government, leaders and people of the city about its dramatic rise in the new chapter of development. 


The hosting of APEC 2017 is one of Viet Nam's foreign policy focal points, aiming to enhance the country's position in the international arena, facilitate our international commitments and fulfilment of international responsibilities, contributing to developing and shaping multi-lateral institutions by 2025.   The Central Government has trusted in Da Nang to act as the host city for the AELW, the highlight of APEC 2017. Da Nang has made constant efforts for the last two decades to be chosen for this opportunity, and worked very hard for the last two years to be ready and well-prepared for six major days in November 2017. Without a doubt, the city will do its utmost in the next few days to accomplish the mission entrusted by the country. The realisation of Da Nang's desire for development is closely attached to its responsibility and commitment to the success of the AELW, also the success of APEC Viet Nam 2017, and an imprint of Viet Nam's foreign policy on the integration process.


Da Nang welcomes the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders' Week in a ready, confident, and reliable manner!


Nguyễn Ngọc Tuấn

Da Nang, 6th October 2017

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