APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week: Da Nang is Ready!

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On 20th November 2016, at the 24th APEC Economic Leaders’ Week (AELW) in Lima, Peru, President Tran Dai Quang declared that Viet Nam would host APEC 2017, in which the highlight would be the 2017 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week to be held in Da Nang. This honour has offered both tremendous opportunities and big challenges for Da Nang. As thus, it is required that the City ensures comprehensive and adequate preparation for the success of the AELW, making a footprint for the Year of APEC Viet Nam 2017.



In fact, Da Nang has been implementing the preparations to fulfil its role as the "host city" for the AELW since the beginning of 2015. Throughout the past three years, under the close supervision of the Vietnamese leaders and APEC 2017 National Committee, and the effective cooperation between the Central and local agencies, the city's leaders and people have built a strong consensus and determination to finish all of the preparatory work for the highlight of the APEC Viet Nam 2017 in all aspects of infrastructure, publicity, health and security, and human resources. As of this moment, it is confident to confirm that Da Nang is ready for the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders' Week!  


Spacious and modern works


During the preparation for AELW, preparing facilities is the urgent task that had been implemented at the earliest time. After cooperating with Subcommittees of the APEC 2017 National Committee and the Central Government's ministries and agencies to survey the city's facilities in order to select suitable places, the city's departments and agencies and private investors have made great efforts in renovating, upgrading and completing works for AELW to create a new and modern "face" for the city.


The first place that leaders and delegates of the economies will set foot in – the Da Nang International Airport is now ready to welcome delegations with a new spacious and modern international terminal, and an expanded airplane parking area of 75 parking spots that will ensure the parking scale for private aircrafts from the APEC economies. Another highlight work that was completed ahead of schedule is the International Media Centre, where about 3,000 domestic and international reporters will be working during AELW. The Centre has a nice and modern design, with functional rooms, equipment and services convenient for reporters.


Other venues where the main AELW activities will –take place such as InterContinental Sun Peninsula Resort, Ariyana Da Nang Exhibition and Convention Centre, Furama Resort Da Nang, Sheraton Da Nang Resort, Tien Son Sports Arena, Da Nang Convention Centre, Pullman Da Nang Beach Resort, and Vinpearl Da Nang Resort and Villas have been renovated, meeting the organising committee's stipulations. Da Nang's hotel system, especially luxurious hotels and resorts along the beach meet the accommodation requirements for all the delegates, including high standard rooms for leaders of the economies.



Focusing on urban landscape and environment refurbishment


One of the reasons the Central Government selected Da Nang as the venue for AELW is its synchronised planning and convenient transportation. However, as it develops, Da Nang still faces problems that need improvement so as to create a good impression for visitors to Da Nang, especially delegates and reporters attending AELW.


It can be seen clearly that over the past, many large-scaled works have been constructed in Da Nang, and the number of tourists coming to the city has constantly increased, putting pressure on the city in urban management and environmental sanitation. In 2016 and 2017, many roads, including routes planned for serving AELW delegates, have been upgraded. Sidewalks have been renovated, and trees and grass have been added. Environmental sanitation and urban order have also been cared for. We can feel that the city is now more spacious and beautiful, ready for welcoming AELW delegates.


A new highlight that marks the event of AELW held in Da Nang is the APEC Park. Located in the city centre, next to the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture and the Dragon Bridge, the APEC Park has received the support from the member economies by designing, constructing and sending their sculptures to the park for display. When visiting the APEC Park, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the art pieces representing the uniqueness of each culture, while demonstrating the spirit of cooperation and moving towards a shared future, not only in economic cooperation but also through culture and arts.


Leaving a footprint about Da Nang people


In addition to facilities, urban landscapes, absolute security and safety for AELW, what would leave the strongest impression on the delegates is probably the beautiful image of Da Nang people. With the hope that each resident acts as a cultural ambassador, portraying residents of a liveable city with enthusiastic, hospitable and professional behaviour, over the past years Da Nang has organised several English language training courses for more than 300 officials, security officers, healthcare officers and reporters, and provided capacity building, language improvement and diplomatic protocol training to staff of hotels and restaurants and taxi drivers to better serve this event.


What's more, nearly 800 volunteers and liaison officers who are university students and officials from the city's departments, agencies and schools have been selected and well trained. They are now ready to ulitise their youthfulness, enthusiasm, professionalism and the knowledge gained to support and facilitate smooth activities for the economies during the event. 


The city has launched the "Da Nang Smile" campaign to appeal for Da Nang residents to join hands affirming the trademark of the friendly and hospitable city of Da Nang. Not only civil servants and officers serving AELW, but local residents also have an equally important role in creating a good impression for delegates, businesspeople and reporters visiting Da Nang on this occasion.


The AELW countdown clock on the east side of the Han River is reaching the critical moment, and Da Nang City is excited to welcome this event. During the review of AELW preparations in Da Nang from 30th September to 1st October, Deputy Prime Minister, Chairman of the APEC 2017 National Committee highly commended the city's preparations. Da Nang will continue to cooperate with Subcommittees of the APEC 2017 National Committee in preparing protocol, logistics, security and healthcare and better completing the city's landscapes, environment and urban order so that AELW will be successful, contributing to raising Viet Nam's position on the global stage, as well as promoting the country and people of Viet Nam in general, and Da Nang in particular to friends all over the world.


The Da Nang People's Committee

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