Martarello Fireworks Team, Italy became the champion of DIFF 2017

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On 24th June 2017, the Grand Finale night of Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2017 (DIFF2017) with the theme of Wood successfully took place and ended the eighth DIFF which has been seen as a unique and memorable hallmark event of the coastal city of Da Nang. After the first four nights of the competition, three teams from England, Australia and Italy achieved the highest scores to get through to the Grand Finale. Three teams with three different performance styles have truly melted thousands of hearts in the audiences of DIFF2017. With the sophistication in their performance, Martarello S.R.L., Italy successfully took home the highest title.


Different from the modern style of team England and the dynamics of team Australia, Matarello S.R.L brought to the final show harmony and sophistication in their performance. Thanks to their special technique that synchronized music and fireworks together, the firework performance of team Italy was a well-combined masterpiece of music, colour and emotion. 


Starting with the soundtrack of the movie Eragon, the team created an epic and heroic atmosphere to let audiences become immersed in their story.



After the heroic opening atmosphere, the love message was delivered through the song Canto Della Terra by two worldwide well-known opera singers Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. "Sì lo so Amore che io e te Forse stiamo insieme Solo qualche instante" (Yes I know, My love, that You and I are together briefly for just a few moments), the lyrical soprano voice of Sarah Brightman was demonstrated by a series of single low-altitude purple aerial shots which were as gentle and romantic as the lyrics. When the singer reached the high notes of the song, high-altitude shells were launched and spread in the sky to illustrate the high vocal pitch which brought the audiences a burst of emotion.



In contrast to the feminine "purple" part of Sarah Brightman, when Andrea Bocelli started to sing, the main colours of the fireworks shifted to orange and red which highly reflected the power and warmth of a baritone vocalist. Instead of using high-altitude shells to imply the high pitch, medium-altitude shells were utilized and horizontally launched to create an effect of a spectacular space, spanning both sides of the Han River, that made audiences feel like they were sitting in an opera house in Italy. The picture of love was fully painted with music and fireworks within just three minutes.



Besides Canto Della Terra, other semi-classic songs inclusive of Running and Nessun Dorma were played in order to fully accomplish the fireworks performance of Matarello S.R.L.



Answering questions from reporters in the interview, Captain Ermes Martarello did not forget to give a big thanks to all the members of the DIFF2017 Organizing Committee, including those who worked hard on the firing site under the summer heat to support team Italy. He also expressed his deep gratitude to the local people who always supported and followed his team motivating him and his teammates to successfully complete the performance. With the impressive performances and sincere feelings that team Italy demonstrated in the Festival, they have melted thousands of the hearts of the Vietnamese, who always accompany the Da Nang Fireworks Festival, as well as the Italian fireworks.



Vo Duy Hoa translated

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